On 9 February 2016, an intimate group of superyacht marketers, designers, CEOs and thought-leaders will join together in London at Make Your Mark 2016, a focused marketing event for the superyacht world.

Opening keynote presenter, Ana Andjelic, is the global strategy director for Havas LuxHub, a consultancy that works with luxury brands across the world. With experience collaborating with Sotheby’s, Belvedere, Moet Hennessy and The Peninsula Hotels, Andjelic describes her approach to marketing as “design thinking meets digital media, creating new behaviors of humans, organisations and businesses.”

The ever-changing landscape of the marketing field is what drives Andjelic, ensuring that brands with a rich heritage continue to find success in the modern world. “Getting luxury brands to move from the traditional position of marketing to the modern position is such a fantastic challenge. Modern luxury is less about exclusivity, conventionalism and messaging and more about attainability, timeliness and marketing. It’s also much less product and logo-focused and puts service and experience first.”

Andjelic presenting at Cristal Advertising Festival in 2015

Andjelic cites disruptive new services Uber and Airbnb as business models that the luxury industry must pay attention to, “Luxury brands will need to adapt. Although it may seem inconceivable that the digital economy and luxury brands have anything in common, digital economy services have revolutionised customers’ expectations of what good service is.”

According to Andjelic, the art of marketing a luxury brand is understanding it within a 21st century context and ensuring a strong company identity. “It’s a combination of a deep understanding of what luxury brands are about and the potential of digital technology. Successful luxury brands today are truly global, fully digital and aligned with the values of the next generation.”

In bringing experts together from a range of luxury industries, from fashion to automotive to real estate, Make Your Mark will inspire and educate attendees to implement successful marketing strategies within the superyacht market. Andjelic hopes her session will “introduce a new way of doing business that strengthens the relationship between superyacht customers and brands,” as well as encourage the industry to succeed in the digital age and innovate their current marketing strategies.


“Innovation in luxury is making things as seamless, convenient, efficient and delightful as possible,” notes Andjelic, an idea we can hope to see the superyacht industry embrace.

Don’t miss Ana Andjelic’s keynote presentation on 9 February. Secure your place at Make Your Mark 2016 by clicking here.


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