Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH), the entertainment and domotics specialists, has formed a partnership with Plejd to introduce the next generation of domotics and entertainment systems.

The future according to Ameet Sarvaiya, VBH's chief technology officer, is user interfacing that is not only intuitive to use, but is a system that also intuits the desires of the customer.

"The whole concept of our product is living technology; the idea is to focus our systems in a way that makes life more intuitive and simple," explains Sarvaiya. This includes a steward call function that stores input data, such as calling for a morning coffee, and automatically suggests popular actions at particular times of the day. The suggestion function can also be found throughout the entertainment system.

The Pivot system provides a turnkey domotics and entertainment system, and is a single application that controls the on board environment.

Key additions to the system for 2015 are the ability to incorporate memories and, in partnership with Plejd, VBH has introduced a smart lighting and entertainment system, as well as sharpening up the entire interface.

"One of the most important aspects of yachting is the memories," explains Sarvaiya. "When you meet friends or family, you discuss the good times you had and will have."

VBH has introduced a function that allows users to record activities such as diving, surf boarding and waterskiing. The recordings are then input into a library of experiences that are readily available to view, instead of or alongside other media using a multi-screen function.

Plejd, a market leader in smart Bluetooth technology, has partnered with VBH to enable a 'Follow me function.' Using Bluetooth users are able to move from room to room with device in hand and the entertainment and domotics systems controlled by the device will follow the user from room to room. Taking films, memories and lighting with them wherever they go, if they so wish.

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