SEMIDEP-Ciotat, the body charged with the economic development and management of La Ciotat Shipyards, the largest Mediterranean superyacht refit and repair maritime cluster, is actively pursuing single or multiple co-investors to share in the operation and long-term development of a 200x60m dry dock in La Ciotat. speaks exclusively with Jean-Yves Saussol, CEO of SEMIDEP-Ciotat (SEMIDEP), about its “Call For Projects.”

“We are looking for an industrial partnership,” starts Saussol. “We are not simply looking for a financial or commercial proposition; we are looking for industrial action with the capacity to develop activity on and around this dry dock.”

As a public-private partnership, SEMIDEP’s motivations are not purely commercial and any proposals levied for the dry dock must provide compelling arguments with regards job creation and the local economy.

La Ciotat Shipyards

“We are expecting candidates to demonstrate an industrial strategy, explaining how they will attract new vessels, how they can develop value and jobs locally in partnerships with subcontractors, local companies and so on,” explains Saussol.

The dry dock in question’s useable dimensions are significant; at 200m long, 60m wide and an 8.5m draft, it is a formidable proposition – with the additional possibility of modifying the dock to a maximum useable length of 335m. The site has been renovated and updated following a €16 million investment that introduced all the state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure necessary to complete the most ambitious superyacht refit and repair projects. It is expected to reopen by November 2016.

Technical features

“As one of the three criteria within the Call For Projects, we are looking to engage in an innovative, profit sharing agreement,” continues Saussol. SEMIDEP’s proposition is not simply to act as a service provider, but to act as a partner and aid in the development of the business as well as share in the rewards of the profit. “Once we have decided on the partner, or partners, for the dry dock we will discuss projects for the surrounding areas.”

The Call For Projects is just the first step in what will become a large-scale development of the areas surrounding the dry dock. La Ciotat Shipyards covers an area of 340,000sqm, only half of which is currently developed.

“The dry dock is the next step in what will be a strategic partnership for the long-term,” finishes Saussol.

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