Italian nautical industry body, UCINA, has announced that marina resorts in Italy are now eligible for a VAT rate of 10 per cent, reduced from 22 per cent, in line with the benefits already afforded to other hospitality sectors. had previously reported on this in July of this year, when the association first announced the intended change, but it was met with some scepticism from the industry as to whether the change would actually be implemented.

However, on 12 September 2014, a new decree entitled ‘Sblocca Italia’ (Unblock Italy) was published on the ‘Gazetta Ufficiale' introducing a new law that makes marina resorts equal to open-air hospitality businesses. In “facilities conceived for stop-overs and overnight stays for tourists inside their berthed boats”, a reduced 10 per cent VAT rate will be applied. This is the percentage that has always been applied in other sectors of the tourism industry in Italy.

Marina di Loano, Italy

The regulation, approved by the Italian government, will be effective only in 2014. However, UCINA hopes that the necessary resources may be found to make the altered rate permanent. “It is an achievement that has established a fundamental principle,” says Massimo Perotti, president of UCINA. “That is, there will no longer be a situation of inequality to the detriment of boat tourism facilities. Now we must work with our parliament, where MP De Micheli and Senator Fabbri have striven to support this cause and are working towards making this regulation definite.”

“The good news is that the new VAT rules will be put in force by national law and not individually by regional authorities, so the new VAT rate on marinas will be valid on all Italian marinas,” reassures Ezio Vannucci, partner at Moores Rowland Associati, and representative of SOS Yachting. “The new VAT rate will be applied by marinas from the date which the ‘Sblocca Italia’ decree enters into force.”

At the moment, the decree’s validity is limited to 31 December 2014, but Vannucci believes that it is likely to be extended in the new year. “The limit of the decree is that the benefit has a short life, but hopefully it will be renewed in 2015 as otherwise there would be no point," says Vannucci. "The Italian Government intend to continue the benefit in coming years, including it in the ‘Legge di Stabilità’ (Stability Law) for 2015.”

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