UK, London. Our summer and SuperyachtDESIGN Week display special, SuperyachtDesign Issue 23, explores a myriad of topics, from the industries responsibility for sustainable tropical woods to the continued growth of the ‘Internet of things’.

“Sustainable forest management can make an important contribution to economic growth and social development”, explains Burkhard List of List Contractors in our Guest Suite. In an educated and passion filled article List bemoans the wastage of an industry that often fails to see the beauty of natural imperfections. “Some will say that it is impossible to recognise the beauty of imperfection, but we believe that there is no such thing as impossibility.”

Smart technology concept

From the woodland to the concrete jungle, technology is now progressing at speed that is becoming increasingly difficult to quantify. In this issue Van Berge Henegouwen’s chief technology officers Ameet Sarvaiya and Guy Butteratti travel to the Consumer Electronics Show to find out how the most recent developments will affect the superyacht industry. This market demands increasingly all-inclusive connectivity and as yet the technology evades us. However, the foundations have been laid, Ameet and Guy report that, “AV/IT systems that cannot switch to software-defined platforms will rapidly become a thing of the past.”

Hawrylewicz feature wall

Boasting a truly eclectic design portfolio, we caught up with Peter Hawrylewicz of PHDesign to discuss the six projects he has undertaken with yacht owner Bill Duker. “None of them have been similar, none of them are ordinary”, a noteworthy point and one that Hawrylewicz is exceptionally proud of. The designer talks us through a number of the most memorable projects, including a 70m ketch and the minute details of a wall designed around a single piece of art.

Vispring factory floor (image by Andrew Johansson)

Abandoning the safety of art and technology we ask a collection of respected industry professionals – from dramatically different perspectives – what the main barriers are to maintaining efficiency and reliability within the Italian supply chain in this edition of Design Debate. Does the fault lie with the ‘inefficient artisan’, or do complications stem from miscommunication and a lack of standardised procedure? One artisan that has no issues with reliability is UK-based bespoke bed manufacture Vispring. We visit its facilities in Plymouth to discover what makes for a superior mattress and sleeping experience.

Buehler Thundercraft

In one way, shape or form we’ve all wanted to be part of a Bond film. Be it Bond himself, Miss Moneypenny or Q. Whether it’s a license to kill or a license to thrill, it's hard not to be taken in by the allure. Such was the feeling experienced by Swiss entrepreneur John Clapot. Inspired by the Turbocraft in Thunderball, Clapot left his job as a luxury brand manager for Ralph Lauren and set about resurrecting a neglected icon. We talk to Clapot about his transformation from high-end fashion to high-end fast tenders.

From old blood to new blood, this edition of Tech Talk looks into the finer details of Rafnar Shipyard’s OK Hull design. Pushing the limitations of the traditional displacement hull, the OK Hull is designed to significantly improve comfort and performance when underway.

Christiano Gatto at his design desk in Italy (image by Justin Ratcliffe)

Issue 23 also showcases the latest superyacht designs and concepts, the best of deck furniture from the previous twelve months, and a Case Study with Venetian renegade designer Cristiano Gatto.

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