For first time buyers and charterers the humble tender may not, necessarily, be right at the top of their priority list. However, as clients and buyers become more experienced the tender, invariably, climbs its way up the aforementioned list. Whether the tender is for crew, guests or water sports, it is imperative that the tender not only performs its job functionally, but does so in a manner that befits the calibre of the mother ship and her owner.

So important are the tenders, in fact, that I have spoken to a number of people that have refused certain charters because they felt that the tenders on board were not able to satisfy the demands of the interested party. As one designer once told me, “turning up to a restaurant absolutely bloody covered head to toe in water is not luxury” and I am inclined to agree.

Another conversation that stayed with me came courtesy of a superyacht owner. Now, thanks to the obvious spatial constraints, not every superyacht can house a large custom tender, but the owners point remains relevant nevertheless. With a rather luxurious take on the old adage ‘you only have one chance to make a first impression’, the owner explained the following: “Quite often you find yourself at anchor and, when entering a marina or particular destination, your tender becomes the representation of the mothership and, indeed, yourself and your guests.”

Tenders also have a great deal of impact on the safety of crew and the overall experience of operating and caring for a superyacht. So, in order to determine where the tender market is getting things right, as well as the considering the areas that need improving, we want to get your feedback on the tender market. The survey link below gives industry stakeholders, from captains and crew to designers and suppliers, the opportunity to have their say on the tender market. All responses will be kept anonymous and respondents that complete the survey will be entered into a competition to win a prize courtesy of The Superyacht Group.

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