Interior designer Dimitris Hadjidimos, together with his wife and business partner Kate, has founded D-ID – a new studio focused on creating luxury high-end interiors for the superyacht and residential sectors.

While the studio has been in operation since summer 2014, the focus for the duo has been in establishing a solid client base and attracting new clients, which have predominately come from the residential sector to date. Over the past 18 months, the studio has worked on range of projects including the completion of a 1000sqm European residence, a private cinema in an 800sqm UK-based property and two new build apartments in the Bahamas with a combined space of 900sqm. However, the studio's latest conceptual project - which we hope to unveil in a future issue - is aimed at the superyacht market and aims to change how the market looks at bespoke living spaces.

“We have always discussed our work with each other, and have collaborated in other stand alone projects over the years,” says Kate, who met Dimitris while studying fashion and textile design. Having worked within fashion for several years, Kate has intricate knowledge about textiles, weaves, embroidery, prints, and forecasting the latest trends in colour and textures. This knowledge led to other projects and consulting on fabric collections for motoryacht manufacturers and advising on colours for architectural projects. “Forming D-ID was a natural next step and combining our experiences offers clients a unique take on luxury interiors,” she says.

“We believe in creating bespoke designs that provoke two responses – the instant appeal and the appreciation over time,” says 2014 SuperyachtDESIGN Week speaker, Dimitris. Former partner at Claydon Reeves, the designer has gained many years of experience within the superyacht market, having also worked for Redman Whiteley Dixon and Ken Freivokh Design. During this time, Dimitris has worked on seven superyachts directly including one of the largest in the world, with the most recent delivery being 34m motoryacht Solis, while at Claydon Reeves.

“One can see good design at an instant but great design reveals itself when you live in it over time,” Dimitris continues, pointing to the company slogan: Inspired by clients - designed by experts - built for living. “We believe you should be able to feel the bespoke interior design, that has been made with the client in mind. It should tell their story, the story behind the project and the unique outcome of a bespoke living space.”

The philosophy of the studio is reflected in its name, albeit subtly. While many might assume that D-ID refers to the first letter of Dimitris’ name, it is in fact an abbreviation for the three core elements that drive the studio – Design-IDentity, Design-IDeals and Design-IDeas.

“We wanted to create a company that was not just about us but about creating something that is only about design and passion, something that reflects a strong foundation,” Dimitris says with a smile. “What you get from a husband and wife team is a scenario where if something doesn’t work, you are still committed to the job and you are more inclined to work through it. If it works though, it works really well because of the relationship you have with your partner – you know each others strengths and how to best support each other.”

While work continues on maintaining and growing its residential division, the studio is actively seeking yachting projects and are in discussions with a handful of leading industry players.

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