At the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 FY International (FYI) will introduce its new superyachting division, FYI Superyachts to the European market with the unveiling of a Franck Muller designed vessel. The addition of a superyachting division to FYI International solidifies its position as an international brokerage house that caters to all sectors of the market. spoke exclusively with Ralph Navarro, president of FYI International.

“As we have grown the business we noticed that there was a gap that needed to be filled by superyachts,” starts Navarro. “We’ve seen all our clientele grow, particularly in the Latin American and South American regions, where 25-30m is no longer considered a big boat.”

In 2014 FYI signed an agreement to be the exclusive dealer for the Italian Sea Group and all its products. “The space needs a company that does things differently. All the other superyacht companies are engulfed in old school technology and an old school way of selling,” continues Navarro.

“We are thinking completely outside the box, we want to cater to our superyacht clientele and give them a five star service from beginning to end.”

FYI Superyachts will cover all the expenses of a yacht while it is listed with them, until the boat sells, FYI is also looking into purchasing its own marina.

Navarro believes that the Americas are beginning to rebound from the financial crash. “Miami has become the melting pot of the world. You have all sorts of nationalities coming to Miami and the superyachts are one of the items that are being very well received – there are three new superyacht marinas being built in Miami as we speak,” he explains.

FYI Superyachts has already signed a 40m Admiral new build that will be delivered at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2016 and negotiations are ongoing for a 40m tri-deck project that will be delivered in June 2017.

“The Monaco Yacht Show 2015 will be two shows for us. On the one hand we will be branding FYI Superyachts and on the other hand we will be unveiling our Frank Muller yacht,” he says. “I think the industry is going to be amazed by this new product we are launching.”

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