In an initiative that has been continued at every major boat show for the last few years, FLIBS 2014 once again presented the opportunity for the global yachting associations to gather.

Speaking to ISS president Ken Hickling, learnt that through the meetings held last year the associations had successfully shared all the different missions and objectives that different associations are working on, and identified common interests and independent activities.

"Instead of duplicate, we switched to collaborate," commented Hickling, citing the combining of lobbyists as an example of this in action.

The workshop that the group facilitated in February this year aimed to answer the question "what do we need, in order to be more successful as an industry"...the simple answer being more customers. The industry needs to find more, and at the same time, ensure we don't lose the ones we have. This was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show and a communication grid was established:

1) B2C. Business to consumer. We need to do more!
2) B2G. Business to government. Engage with regulators and law makers.
3) B2M. Business to mainstream media.
4) B2B. Business to business. How we share information, how we present ourselves in a cohesive manner to the outside.

On the saturday morning of FLIBS this year the above grid was work-shopped and a collective plan was developed to deliver progress in each section. More will be reported as the plans are finalised.

So what can the industry expect to see?

Hickling explained that multiple delivery methods; in print, digital, video etc. will be developed.
A clearer communication strategy will be released with regular action updates.
Hickling will be soliciting for assistance in its implementation, as will the other associations.

And hopefully, led by the associations, we should all start communicating more cohesively and collaboratively for the benefit of the wider industry.

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