This year’s edition of The Superyacht Design Forum (25th – 26th June) will place a spotlight on superyacht awards ceremonies, questioning their credibility and considering the future of awards programmes for our industry.

During our session entitled ‘The Value of Global Superyacht Awards & Media Recognition’, we will discuss the imbalance between the number of awards programmes within our small and niche market, with the insight of an expert external to the world of superyachts.

Through a comparison across industries, we will look at awards such as the RIBA Sterling Prize, and how this accolade continues to remain highly credible and well-respected among the architecture industry.

As the lines have become far less blurred regarding paid-for content within printed and online press, and once invisible advertisements on social media platforms such as Instagram are now required to declare what has been (for example) ‘#gifted’ or '#sponsored', we will address the controversy of the fees associated with awards programmes.

Join us at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, from 25 to 26 June to share your opinion on the value of  superyacht awards. Remaining tickets to The Superyacht Design Forum are available here.


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