BWA Yachting, the superyacht servicing agency, has recently made numerous announcements relating to new partnerships and the expansion of its business. Since 23 February, BWA Yachting has announced partnerships with the Astilleros De Mallorca refit facility, The International Seakeepers Society charity, the 35th America’s Cup and Sabrina Monte-Carlo, as well as opening a number of new offices in Italy.

“The first part of our strategy has been executed,” starts Stefano Tositti, BWA’s CEO. “Part one was related to geographical expansion and the consolidation of the group.” The geographical expansion and consolidation to which Tositti eludes ensure that BWA has developed its service to meet the exacting demands of the modern superyacht owner who wants quality service ever swifter and ever further afield.

“We have invested a lot in our IT platform, and it is a platform that is unique in this industry for services such as ours,” explains Tositti. BWA is, for the first time, working with key performance indicators and a custom IT platform that has allowed it to automate much of what was previously done manually. “We are trying to really connect our offices with each other, the boats, the management companies, the captains and the owners,” he continues.

The second element of BWA’s strategy relates to its new partnerships, all of which go some way towards improving brand exposure and facilitating the growth of the business and its services.

“There are various types of partnerships; there are those related to our base operations, and now we are looking at areas where yachting could be developed and promoted,” continues Tositti. The base operation partnerships that Tositti refers to may well relate to partnerships such as Astilleros De Mallorca, relationships that strengthen business in particular area and improve the quality of service to clients.

BWA’s recently established partnership with the 35th America’s Cup sees it manage the superyacht programme and look after owners on and off the water. The programme includes front row viewing in the VIP area, designated berthing across three locations, access to pit lane base tours and prize giving ceremonies, all under the BWA brand. The America’s Cup experience will give BWA unprecedented access to superyacht owners and their vessels.

Additionally, the partnership with Sabrina Monte-Carlo, which was established earlier this month, brings together servicing and high-end design – another feather in BWA’s cap. However, this is only the realisation of stage one of BWA’s strategic initiative and Tositti promises that there is more around the corner. He expects that the second stage to be rolled out later this year.


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