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Behind the Byline: Russell Cockerton

An insight into The Superyacht Group’s Autumn show season team…

At The Superyacht Group HQ, the editorial and intelligence team sit down once a month to have a ‘brainstorm’ of new content and ideas for our portfolio. As show season approaches, we were discussing the best way to ensure that our team is known in the market, in order to better engage with our clients and introduce ourselves to new ones. As such, over the following weeks, on SuperyachtNews there will be a series of articles entitled ‘Behind the Byline’. These will be a number of interviews with our editorial and intelligence team members – who will be attending Monaco and Fort Lauderdale Yacht Shows – to find out more about their role at The Superyacht Group, and their thoughts on the superyacht market.

I sat down with Russell Cockerton, project strategist for The Superyacht Intelligence Agency, to discuss data, Monaco and his favourite yachts…

Describe your role at The Superyacht Group
Essentially, as a project strategist for The Superyacht Intelligence Agency, my role is to engage with new and existing clients and to develop our consultancy proposition. Data is king; we are trying to build a better superyacht marketplace through data. My role is to guide this broad and diverse client base – to nurture their research projects into something that’s value-added and ultimately empowers growth. We can help drive their visions through data and analytics, - from quantifying a brand, interrogating the changing sphere of superyacht ownership and to mapping data onto key business decisions.

What role do you think Monaco Yacht Show has in the industry? And why are you looking forward to going?
It will be my first time attending! MYS is the epitome of superyacht-ing, really. If you mention the word ‘superyacht’ – even to those relatively unfamiliar with yachting – the first thing they will think of is Monaco and the show. There are shows that are bigger, which focus on different aspects of the superyacht sphere, but ultimately, they are not Monaco Yacht Show.

Do you agree that data is king? Why do you think the superyacht market is embracing data?
A lot of people within the superyacht industry are now seeing the value of data. Rather than, ‘This is how it’s always been’, they can make more informed decisions through data. However, it’s reliant on everyone in the superyacht sphere being a little more transparent. I appreciate not wanting to give away a competitive advantage, but the more they can let us in, and allow us to crunch their data, the more effectively we can inform them and the wider market.

You’re helping people to help themselves...
It’s to ensure those who make decisions make the best decisions they possibly can, and that they have credible data at their disposal to do so. There’s more to data than just numbers…

Okay, what’s your favourite boat?
I have a few. Feadship’s Savannah, closely followed by Galeocerdo, the Wallypower 118. Technically it’s a marvel. It’s a mix of carbon fibre and gas turbine engines … from an engineering and performance perspective, it’s absurd. At the time it was cutting edge. It’s still revered, and always attracts a crowd.

Finally, if you had a yacht what would you call it?
Elysium. A superyacht is an emotive purchase, no? It has to feel like a home, a sanctuary, a quiet place to get away from it all, the name has to reflect that.

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Behind the Byline: Russell Cockerton


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