Specialising in fairing, refinishing and anticorrosion paint application, French company Azur Yacht Coatings has just finished the installation of a brand new paint cabin in its workshop in St Laurent du Var, five minutes from Nice airport.

The cabin will be used for all refinishing of yacht parts including tables, doors, jet skis, and seabobs, plus all paint and varnish work on board. Speaking exclusively to SuperyachtNews.com, managing director Phil Schofield explains this important step for the Nice-based company.

“From now on we can deliver even better quality work on everything refinished in the new paint cabin, and often faster than before,” he explains. “We can take care of all removable parts including tables and doors, engine room parts, furniture, small tenders, jet skis and yacht toys, using polyurethane and acrylic paints and all one or two-part varnishes, resins and fibreglass.”

In the current market where resale value is paramount, there is more paint work to be done, but Schofield explains that getting the right price is not always easy. “I am fortunate to have been in this side of the industry for long enough to have built up a good client list that gives repeat business most years,” he says.

In terms of future growth, Azur will continue to position itself alongside other yacht refinishing companies. “We are often asked to lend a hand to other companies as projects, like the yachts, are getting larger all the time,” adds Schofield.

“These collaborations are important to continue to ensure that contracts are completed on time. The company will always be looking to provide more efficient and maybe even larger facilities in the future so that our quality of finish and service is always improving.”

Azur will also continue to provide its services along all of the Mediterranean coast in its equipped vehicles with yacht painting teams to assist clients in ports and shipyards.



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