After the successful launch of the Dahm 120 project at Boot Düsseldorf 2016, making Dahm one of a number of brokerage houses who now control their own designs, speaks with Lukas Stratmann, managing partner at Dahm International, about the benefits of brokers in the design process.

“Brokers are so close to owners and market demands,” begins Stratmann. “It can often be such a long route to find the best boat for a client. So we decided, as we are so close to the source and we hear so much information, why don’t we try to create something that focuses on the interests of the market?”

“A year ago at the [Düsseldorf} show we met up with the guys from Biederbeck Design, we had a few beers and we talked through our ideas and thoughts,” explains Stratmann. “From the database we developed as Jongert representatives we have many owners who are considering the move from sailing to motoryachts – but they don’t really want to lose the experience of sailing,” continues Stratmann. “So, with Beiderbeck, we looked to create something with the luxuries of a motoryacht but the experience of sailing.”

Dahm 120

True to Stratmann’s word the Dahm 120 is a broad, spacious sailing yacht with a large “bullish” deckhouse. She sleeps 10 guests served by six crew.

Stratmann believes that the partnership of broker and designer allows each to complement the other. “Designers are not salesman, they have the ability to create something beautiful but once the creative process is finished it is on to the next project. We think of projects over the long term,” he says.

Stratmann also explains that the Dahm 120 project will not be solely reserved for Dahm clientele. “Other brokerage houses have been very interested in bringing their clients to come and discuss the project.” To date, only a week after the official launch, Dahm has received two promising leads.

When asked whether cooperation with other brokers would create a strange dynamic Stratmann replies, “We are kind of a new breed of broker, we are just happy if the industry moves. We don’t mind if we do it ourselves or if someone else brings a client. If boats get sold others enter the market. We are happy to cooperate with everybody.”

The idea of the Dahm 120 project is to present clients with a design created solely from market insight that can go from paper to delivery within 20 months while avoiding the uncertainties of price and time that too frequently accompany new build projects.


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