In 2015, a six-metre long Cuvier’s Beaked whale washed up on a beach on the Isle of Skye, upon examining the contents of its stomach, scientists discovered it carried with it a disturbing message from the deep. Inside the deceased whale was a mixture of plastic bin bags, zip-lock bags, shopping bags and freezer bags. This, unfortunately, is not a unique case, in 2017 another Cuvier’s Beaked whale was found deceased on the Norwegian coast, its stomach contained more than 30 plastic bags and various other plastic products. Numerous cases of whale deaths have been reported globally spanning various whale species, all with plastic related trauma as cause of death.  The superyacht market relies upon, and benefits from, the delicate ecosystems that make the yachting experience such a pleasant one, it is time that we, as an industry, did more to protect the oceans.

At the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), The Superyacht Group will be continuing its ‘Ocean Chari-Tee’ campaign to take a stand against plastic waste, overfishing, rising sea levels and coral bleaching. Rather than throwing a fancy party to celebrate our 25 years in the superyacht industry, we decided to do something to give back to the market and support the ecosystems that have made all of our various past times and professions possible.

By spending only €25 on one of our Chari-Tee Shirts, we can all contribute a little towards the future health of the oceans with all profits going to the Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading charity for the protection of the Great British seas, shores and wildlife, and The Ocean Agency, a non-profit organisation with a unique take on raising awareness and funds for marine conservation.

Our slogan for the Ocean Chari-Tee campaign pays homage to a once unimaginable oceanic dystopia; no fish, no coral, just plastic as far as the eye can sea. We are not so silly as to believe that our modest campaign will be able to cure the world of marine woes, nor are we content to feign ignorance and allow the ocean’s ecosystems to collapse without trying to aid in whatever small way we can.

The Superyacht Group would like to thank all those individuals who have contributed to the Ocean Chari-Tee campaign so far, and encourage those who haven’t to part with only €25, less than a nice bottle of wine, and help us in helping the oceans and celebrating 25 more years of beautiful ecosystems.

To buy your Ocean Chari-Tee Shirt and make a difference to the future of our oceans, click here. Alternatively, come meet the team at FLIBS and buy one of our T-shirts from stand 617 in the Superyacht Pavilion.

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