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EYOS Expeditions and Triton Submarines announce partnership

EYOS Expeditions and Triton Submarines have announced a strategic partnership that they believe will expand and improve the expedition and charter experience for the superyacht industry.…

EYOS Expeditions Ltd and Triton Submarines, LLC have announced a strategic partnership with a view to improve the owner and charter client experience in the context of today's ever-more adventurous superyacht industry.

The partnership will allow the companies to work together on yacht design, yacht charter and scientific expeditions, providing rare experiences for clients who now not only will be able to visit relatively unchartered destinations, but will be able to dive over 1,000m below the surface as they do so.

"Combining the world's foremost provider of superyacht expeditions with the world's most sophisticated and advanced personal submarines is a natural fit," explains EYOS partner Rob McCallum. "Together, we can offer some true, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in areas that were virtually inaccessible to yachts only a few years ago."

Out-of-the-way destinations are becoming more popular with owners and charter clients, and both parties of this partnership hope they can now offer something extra. "The most exciting aspect of these remote, deep dives is that we will be taking people to places that no human has ever gone before. There could be true discovery on every dive - whether exploring underwater hydrothermal vents in the South Pacific or going to underwater trenches in Antarctica, we might see something never before documented," explained Marc Deppe, vice-president of marketing for Triton Submarines.

Credit: Florida Dive Journal

Moreover, an avenue has opened up down which owners and clients are able to make a direct contribution to marine science. "Many yacht owners are looking into submersible technology not just for the private adventure and unique experiences a sub can provide, but because it leads to real exploration and a chance to make a direct contribution to marine science,"added McCallum.

This partnership is also an opportunity to improve the design stages of expedition vessels. "All too often a yacht is advertised as being capable of expeditions when basic design considerations for this type of operation were overlooked, leading to disappointment when certain things can't be done, or expensive retrofitting," explained EYOS partner Time Soper. "Working with Triton will give us the opportunity to incorporate the requirements for a personal submarine from the start - ensuring no compromises are made that might ultimately affect the owner's or charterer's experience."

Credit: EYOS Expeditions

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EYOS Expeditions and Triton Submarines announce partnership


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