In Issue 26 of SuperyachtDesign, we take a look at some of the ideas and technologies likely to appear on the superyachts of tomorrow. Among these ideas is a concept from Feadship called Imagine. Here Ronno Schouten, design manager at Feadship, reveals some of the features of the 110m.

During Feadship’s brokers course, a mixed group of brokers had to unveil a concept of honour in a time frame of just two days. The aim of the project was to create a superyacht that reflected the next generation of global inspiration, both private and corporate, for an imaginary young client who was big in social media, a surfer and philanthropist. The result is a 110m yacht, combining a private owner’s deck and sundeck, a corporate deck for business purposes, research facilities, ocean cleaning on the go and a drive-in tender bay including tender garage for fun and research purposes.

Giving something back to nature while being able to physically enjoy the vessel at the same time is a dream for our philanthropist. We concretised this aspect by cleaning the water around the yacht while on the go using a filter system, which would also cool the engine room at the same time. The water is pumped through the double glass floor in the corporate glass cube, located aft of the vessel, before descending into the swimming pool below. It is a feature among many that provides a feeling of connection to the ocean for the owner and guests.

To save the use of wood on board, and to collect alternative energy, Imagine uses 700sqm of OLED solar brick displays, which generate 288kW. The displays can be used to light up the vessel at night or provide the signs needed to land a helicopter. The yacht facilitates an ocean laboratory for researchers to collect data in the quest to monitor water pollution and sea life. The researchers can be aboard for an extended period of time and use the open office on the bridge deck, while submarines, jet skis and tenders can be used for field research.

To be inspired while doing business in an informal setting was another goal for the project. The floating corporate glass cube was designed to be an example of thinking outside the box, with only air, water and minimal construction surrounding this area. Brainstorm sessions in a lounge setting such as this would be unforgettable. Next to the glass cube is the hologram atrium, allowing innovative ideas to be shared with the ability to rotate 3D models in front of you. Adjacent to the atrium is the media room, facilitating full-height multimedia touch screens for presentations, while open offices are located in front of the media room.

In terms of styling we have created a clean overall look with sophisticated details to please our technology-oriented client. The wheelhouse and engine room passage feature HUD technology to give information about the yacht's surroundings and systems. A light and open interior is realised by applying a space frame that is both constructive and decorative.

The spa and gym areas, which include fold down hatches, are close to the water and are divided by the glass walls of the swimming pool. The relaxation area is connected the ocean observation space below, providing a totally different underwater experience. The main deck aft is ideal to host parties or to be used as a stage for performances.

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