ITALY, Rome. The Berlinetta series is a concept by Marco Casali Too-Design developed for Italian shipyard ISA Yachts. The design, which will be available as a 30m and 40m (the latter presented here), maximises the available volume on the main deck while ensuring the upper decks provide superior views out to sea.

“ISA is always searching for quality and are the most Dutch-like shipyard in Italy in my opinion,” says designer Marco Casali. “They asked a number of studios to produce something that they could build. I think they chose our design because it incorporates all the elements they were looking for, while also taking into consideration the heritage of the shipyard.”

To achieve the sporty exterior look they were after, the upper decks have been streamlined and offer a lot of exterior deck space. The sundeck provides a seating area forward while a table amidships offers al fresco dining leaving the aft free for sunbathing chairs. Forward of the upper deck is a seating area that overlooks the bow and includes a Jacuzzi and sun pads. However, should the owner wish, this can be used to stow tenders. 

The bulwarks on this deck lead aft and descend to the main deck forming the shoulders of the superstructure, concealing staircases that connect the two decks. Aft of the upper deck is an additional seating area that extends outward to maximize views out to sea. “By extending the sides of this deck, we are able to offer a better view forward, which many vessels of this size lack,” says Casali. “This is a big superyacht but with small dimensions, so every little detail is important.” 

One of the main features of the design is the spacious salon on the main deck. With floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can enjoy an unobstructed view. “We didn’t want to include a big terrace in the main salon,” says the designer. “When you open the sliding window, you have direct access to the outside without having to step out. While sitting in the salon you can see the water just below you, which is the effect we were after. On a typical terrace you can’t see the sea directly below, you only see what is in the distance.”

Forward of this is the dining area, which features a fold down balcony. Casali explains that this was needed in order to ensure the sleek look of the exterior and to provide direct access to the main salon when boarding the yacht. The designer believes that this is the ideal location to have the main entrance, referring to trends in land-based architecture for direction. There is also a fold down terrace in the owner’s en suite.

Accommodation is provided for 10 guests, with crew quarters located on the lower deck. The steel and aluminium structure also features a beach area on the lower aft deck, which could incorporate a wellness space or could be used to house tenders.

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