Maarten Janssen spoke to Luigi Adamo, general manager of Benetti, at the Singapore Yacht Show 2015, who attributed Benetti's success in the region to its establishment in the Asian market.

Adamo explained, "we started to sell and deliver boats in the region more than 15 years ago and one of the largest superyachts in Asia is a 65m, which we delivered in 2001."

It is from this point that Adamo believes the brand began to build its reputation in Asia. He added that "In order to keep the leadership position and to improve the number of our fleet, it is important to work hard on the assistance, make the potential buyer confident that Benetti is able to assist them anywhere and any time."

In tandem with this, Benetti announced their expansion plans earlier in the week, which will see it open an office in Hong Kong.

Adamo also commented on the market in Asia, "we have a different market for each country in Asia," he said, explaining that different yachts are preferred for different regions, for example, Indonesia where many are interested in fast boats and moving quickly from one location to another.

However, he said, "they are starting to understand the yacht lifestyle, so we are able to educate them to enjoy the boat and not just move from one place to another." in terms of Hong Kong, Adamo said the market is already there, and believes that the semi-custom line will "achieve a very good result" in the region.

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