An External Perspective
For The Superyacht Design Forum 2019, we have decided to look beyond just superyacht design spheres and turn to other industries that can prompt fresh and exciting discussions, while bringing something totally new to our event. Speakers from other industries will bring their own experiences into the mix or offer a new perspective on issues that manifest themselves in superyacht design spheres the discussions will be rich, diverse and unequivocally fascinating.
In the coming months, The Superyacht Design Forum team will be identifying visionaries and leaders from other industries who have never before spoken at any superyacht event. We are inviting new perspectives to Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour to inspire, initiate thought-provoking discussions and identify new ways of approaching the superyacht market.
The industry often hears the same subjects being discussed, and while these are important matters that need to be addressed, things can often become repetitive when the market has so many events throughout the year.
From our conversations with leading design figures and influencers, the message from the market is clear: We’ve all heard too much of the same subjects from the same people and it’s time to take a different approach. The Superyacht Design Forum 2019, to be held at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, will see a fascinating amalgamation of industries coming together with a fresh perspective and a completely new and inspiring approach.
In June 2019, more than 200 delegates will gather to look at our market from a completely new perspective and encourage a new way of thinking in the superyacht design world. Don’t miss this opportunity to think differently.

The Superyacht Design Forum 2019 will be hosted on the 25 & 26 June 2019 and the programme will be coming soon.

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