Image forThe VEEM Gyro VG120SD is now even quieter (half as loud in fact!)

The VEEM Gyro range of stabilizers has recently been upgraded to Super Duty - guaranteeing more power, greater levels of angular momentum and now - less noise.

VG120SD, which has has a bump in angular momentum of 30% along with multiple enhancements, has recently been confirmed as half as loud by an acoustic consulting firm, who carried out advanced sound level surveys and confirmed the VG120SD emits a maximum of only 57dBA.
This, compared to 66dBA on its less powerful predecessor means that the VG120SD is heard as 'half as loud', as a sound increase of 10dB is generally understood as being heard by humans as double. 

For a sound comparison – 57dB is somewhere in between the sound of a refrigerator and cars at a light traffic, a significant decrease and perfect for quiet nights onboard a luxury superyahct.

This is a significant achievement by the VEEM Engineering team as noise is a significant factor when it comes to selecting the right equipment for a vessel. 

VEEM Ltd, a successful 50 year old Western Australian company, floated on the ASX late in 2016 with the view to commercialize a range of large gyrostabilizers. VEEM  gyrostabilizers are large quietly spinning flywheels installed in the vessel hull that, by Euler’s law of physics, reduce the rolling motion of the vessel at rest or underway. VEEM produces a range of gyrostabilizers suitable for vessels from 70 to 3000 tonnes.

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