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Marine HVAC specialist Dometic has developed the world’s leading self-contained variable capacity air-conditioning solution – the Dometic Frosty Var (DFV).

Launched at METSTRADE this year and nominated for the DAME Design Award, the new quiet, efficient and full-featured DFV incorporates the latest inverter variable speed technology in an OEM-ready unit, reducing the size of the generator needed and decreasing energy consumption and fuel usage.

The Dometic direct expansion air-conditioner is the quietest and lowest vibration marine self-contained system with a noise level of under 50db running at low speed, with sound shield. It features the ultra-quiet and powerful DC Dometic ‘Whispercool’ fan, as standard.

Saving OEMs the time and cost associated with specifying models for different applications, the versatile DFV is a multi-frequency 50/60 Hz unit with a compressor which will work as efficiently on both frequencies. The unit is available in three models – the DFV8, DFV12 and DFV18 - for 230V application covering a range from 3,000 Btu to 18,000 Btu and includes an eco mode for limited power or low load situations.

Superior control capabilities are available with the new infinitely variable capacity touch screen control taking full advantage of the variable speed technology and built-in MOD BUS communication capabilities to ships’ network control systems.

The unit is simple and intuitive to use and also easy to install with a rotatable fan outlet which enables a variety of different positioning options. It features a custom-designed diamond-shaped drain pan to eliminate standing condensate water.

Paul Hickinbotham, Product Manager - Marine EMEA, said: “Developed and designed by our marine HVAC experts, the Dometic Frosty Var introduces significant new benefits which will translate to real cost and time savings for boat builders and an improvement in user-friendliness and on-board comfort for boat owners. We believe the DFV range represents a breakthrough because it offers the energy savings, efficiencies and sound reductions associated with automatic unlimited compressor speed modulation, plus the quietness of the more-costly chilled water system, while incorporating industry-leading design innovations and advanced components not currently available on similar units.

“Incorporating variable speed capacity means that energy savings are optimised due to continuously regulation of the temperature. In addition, the in-rush current of the compressor is eliminated which can reduce the size of vessel’s genset by up to 30%.

“For boat builders, the inverter drive technology enables the creation of a true multi-frequency 50/60 Hz unit so they are able to stock fewer models and eliminate unit swap outs due to late specification changes. Just three DFV models replace 12 different models required previously. A sailing boat can now simply use 50 Hz or 60 Hz shore line power to run AC at full capacity in both Europe and the USA.”

The Dometic Frosty Var range includes the DFV8 (3,000 to 8,000 Btu capacity), DFV12 (5,000 to 12,000 Btu) and DFV18 (10,000 to 18,000 Btu).

The DFV18 is priced at approximately € 4249.00

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