Image forFischer Panda Introduces Aqua Matic XL Watermaker  for Super and Mega Yachts

Fischer Panda UK has added the high-capacity, fully-automated Sea Recovery Aqua Matic XL for super and mega yachts to its range of watermakers.

Developed for yachts and vessels requiring large quantities of water quickly and easily, the revolutionary Aqua Matic range regulates and monitors functions, and performs self-maintenance servicing, without the need of an operator.

The XL unit features fully-automatic, one-touch operation with full colour screen and optional remote control. It is also equipped with an automated pressure regulating system and Fresh Water Flush to prolong the life of the membranes.

Much smaller and more compact than watermakers with similarly large production capabilities, the NMEA-compliant Aqua Matic XL models offer significant water supply with minimal maintenance and without the need for extra space.

Chris Fower, Fischer Panda, said: “The Aqua Matic XL offers our super and mega yacht customers more freedom and time at sea. It delivers limitless water production with automated functionality, within a comparatively small system, allowing owners and crew to focus on other tasks. It is ideal for large yachts over 80ft, super and mega yachts, as well as workboats, support vessels, sport fish, charter and diving / cruising boats.”

The Aqua Matic XL is available in five models, from the 2200 unit producing 2200 gallons or 8328 litres per day, up to the 3400 model producing 3400 gallons or 12870 litres per day.

The XL version is offered as a higher production alternative to Fischer Panda’s popular range of fully-automated Sea Recovery Aqua Matic systems for boats of 50ft-100ft.

Featuring the latest technology, the Aqua Matic range is engineered to be easier to use and more reliable than conventional watermakers.

Prices range from £17,000 + VAT for the Aqua Matic XL 2200 up to £20,000 + VAT for the Aqua Matic XL 3400.

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