Working with the International SeaKeepers Society, 42m discovery yacht Penny Mae hosted researchers from the University of Miami for a five-day tiger shark tagging expedition at Tiger Beach, Bahamas. During the expedition, researchers tagged 13 tiger sharks, helping to further understand their habitat use and how they may be affected by the tourism at Tiger Beach. TSO caught up with Penny Mae’s owner, Lee Anderson, to find out more about his dedication to the cause.

TSO: How did the shark-tagging expedition come about?

LA: I was one of the original founders of the International SeaKeepers Society so I have been active with that group for many years. They were looking for somebody to donate a boat in order to do the shark study and I volunteered to do that. The research came at a point when our charter season was over so the boat was available and we just decided that we would like to do it. It worked out really well. I was unfortunately not on the yacht for the expedition, but I would have liked to have been. I will be interested to read the scientific research and what they think they have accomplished.

TSO: How do you feel about the concept of using superyacht ownership and the responsibility that comes with it to give something back to the marine environment?

LA: I feel very strongly about that and that is the whole intention of the International SeaKeepers Society. I know there are other people doing similar types of offering and I think it’s great. I am an avid boater, I enjoy fishing and I enjoy everything about the water so it was the perfect fit.

TSO: So do you think that initiatives like this should be promoted more in the industry?

LA: Yes, and we are very happy to be a part of it. It is interesting to shed some light on these projects and they are another way that owners can use their boat, have a different experience, while at the same time giving back to the marine environment.

TSO: Would you consider doing something similar with Penny Mae in the future?

LA: If the opportunity presented itself, I would do it again, yes.

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