Having owned a number of superyachts and been a longstanding competitor in the regatta circuit, Peter de Savary, owner of 33m S/Y Silver Spray, is knowledgeable about the industry and particularly the world of superyacht racing. Following his participation at the 2014 Ibiza Rendezvous, the latest addition to the regatta calendar, The Superyacht Owner catches up with him about his thoughts on the event.

S/Y Silver Spray, image courtesy of the Ibiza Rendezvous

TSO: How did you find the inaugural Ibiza Rendezvous?

PdeS: I expected to enjoy some good sailing, have fun in a small, friendly regatta environment and all my expectations were met. The atmosphere was casual, friendly and intimate unlike many other regattas, which have become too impersonal and have too many participants

TSO: Being quite the regatta veteran yourself, do you feel that the Ibiza Rendezvous is a unique and welcome addition to the regatta circuit?

PdeS: Yes, it has an excellent marina venue without crowds and well thought out race courses.

Peter de Savary collecting the 'Caracol' prize, image courtesy of the Ibiza Rendezvous

TSO: How do you feel that the superyacht regatta scene in general has evolved over the years and how do you predict it evolving in the future?

PdeS: As with so many sporting events they become too professional, impersonal and too large in places that are already too busy. This is a continuing trend where people don’t realise that ‘less is more’. Having the Ibiza Rendezvous in October means there is life but not overcrowded.

TSO: What regattas are you hoping to attend next year with Silver Spray?

PdeS: The Ibiza Rendezvous for sure!

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