Catching up at MYS this year, Jonathan Beckett, CEO at Burgess shared a candid view on the current brokerage landscape and what we need to do to strengthen the market overall. "I think we're lacking the appropriate channels to bring new clients into the industry. We all tend to be meeting the same people all the time and actually what we really need is the new clients brought in."

Alev Karagulle, director marketing and communications, Burgess believes this needs to be a joint effort within the industry. "People say it's the brokers who need to bring the new clients in, but we think that's where the media could support the effort better". Beckett believes it isn't a large numbers game but simply increasing the market by even 10 per cent to reinject some business and new blood into the industry.

Look out for more of Beckett's brokerage comments in The Superyacht Report Annual Report.

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