Since her launch in 2011, Lady Britt has become one of the industry’s most sought-after charter yachts. Commissioned by her Scandinavian owners after thorough research into exactly what they wanted and a carefully thought out charter business model, Lady Britt is an example of a yacht that is still top of her game in a market that is typically a new build’s playing field. The Superyacht Owner caught up with her Captain Patrick Cowley to find out what the secret to her success is.

Q. Why do you think Lady Britt is so successful on the charter market?

A. Our entire raison d’être is to provide the ultimate holiday and retreat for our guests. We aim to slowly nurture a professional relationship with our clients and watch that develop, grow and blossom over the years. Our first point of contact with them is many months, even a year, in advance of their trip. This contact is continued throughout the ensuing months and even several years after their last visit to us, hopefully showing them that we wish to maintain a long-term relationship with them and their broker. Equally (and within reason), we are adaptable and flexible to client needs, always providing a discreet level of service on a well-maintained and well-pedigreed platform.

Q. Lady Britt’s owners paid particular attention to the design of the crew spaces on the yacht. Do you think the level of thought makes a difference to the service they are able to offer as a result?

A. It has definitely made a difference. The multi-use areas inside and outside the boat can all be accessed from a variety of ‘behind the scenes’ directions, allowing my crew to almost appear out of nowhere and serve guests without interrupting the ambiance or their conversation. With uninterrupted crew access and alternative traffic patterns, spacious working areas (mostly) coupled with thoughtful personal and communal crew spaces, our crew have the freedom to work efficiently and properly relax throughout their day.

Q. How important is a good crew in making a charter yacht successful?

A. Having a talented, enthusiastic and competent group of like-minded professionals who work great together as a team to provide an unforgettable experience to the client surely is one of the important aspects of a successful charter operation, without a doubt.

Q. Does it make a difference working with owners who understand charter as a business and the importance of having a successful business model?

A. Yes it does. It helps my crew and me tremendously to know we have that understanding, insight and support from the owners in helping to maintain a successful programme and reputation.

Q. What kind of itineraries does Lady Britt follow?

A. To date the traditional routes have been our primary revenue streams in order to build up our reputation and broaden our client base. However, we have gone further afield in a private, non-charter environment for the owners’ use several times and plan to do so again this coming winter season. It’s a long agreed aim of ours to expand our commercial cruising grounds, but there has to be a suitable level of advance interest there to justify it.

Q. How is the year ahead looking for Lady Britt?

A. Busier than 2013, which was already busier than 2012, which was busier than 2011. With a mixture of established repeat clientele and new ones, we are very fortunate to have several charter clients already signed for 2014, including one lovely client who committed to us again over a year in advance after just 48 hours of enjoying a trip with us last summer. However, it was with much disappointment that we had to turn down two of our favourite clients for this coming summer, as their choices of dates were already booked. Considering they were looking to make a commitment almost ten months in advance, it was a strange situation to find ourselves in. We are now actually fielding enquiries for 2015, believe it or not.

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