There is no industry event quite like Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). At once exciting and overwhelming, there are few other places where you will find all facets of the superyacht world in one place, at one time. With the show mere days away, a selection of experienced captains tell The Superyacht Owner what advice they would offer anyone venturing to the show for the first time.

“Yacht shows like the MYS are great for exposure, to get the yacht's name out there and give the yacht a chance to show off through viewings and good marketing. Even if 90 per cent of clients are ‘just looking’, there is always a small percentage that will make it worthwhile. A broker goes a long way to maximise exposure, putting your picture in their brochures, flying their banners, and organising visits. If you are going to spend the money participating, you might as well maximise your opportunities.
The crew also go a long way in ensuring it is a success. Making the boat look ‘on display’ is a lot of work but it is important the yacht is looking its best. Make sure all crew doing tours agree on a ‘route’ so that groups don’t overlap in certain areas, which can make the yacht feel a lot smaller than it is. There are a few things you can do to be different and stand out from the crowd – go above and beyond and offer fresh cookies or cocktails to your guests. Galactica Star made a point of offering beer on draught at the end of our tours, giving clients a chance to relax and watch our ‘Galactica Star’ movie.
Speak to the shipyard that built the boat – they often have resources to put towards showing newly built boats to give them exposure and will be willing to work with the Captain and crew to make sure it is a great show.
Last but not least…choose your berth strategically – some berths naturally have more exposure than others - and make sure you book it well in advance.”  – Captain of M/Y Galactica Star

“A potential owner’s interest in yachting and the Monaco Yacht Show would be best served by seeking some advice from a professional and reputable yacht broker. The scale of the show could overwhelm, and a client wandering around could become frustrated by crowds and queues, and possibly take offence at the selective approach the yachts have in place for viewings. A good broker can cut through all that and ensure that appointments and transport are in place to maximise a client’s valuable time.” – Captain Colin Boyle, M/Y Cloud 9

“Aside from the glitz and glamour that undeniably comes with the Monaco Yacht Show, it’s also the premier opportunity to meet with the best builders, designers and brokers in the world … bar none. It’s the only show with a true ‘international’ feel to it, and walking around, one is likely to hear dozens of different languages spoken. Everyone who’s anyone exhibits here, and whether you’re looking to sign a  90m new build, or simply freshen up your guest towels, this is the place. If a client or owner came to me for direction, I would probably advise them not to enlist a broker at this early stage. Nothing against brokers, but they all work for someone and they all have an agenda (which may not fit the client’s). Personally, I’d suggest that they enlist a captain, an independent surveyor or a professional project manager. Any of these guys will get paid no matter what the client decides and they tend to be more impartial and knowledgeable about the facts and practicalities of owning and running a yacht, and not afraid to point out negatives as they see them. There will definitely be a correct time to get a broker involved, but I believe any potential owner should already be quite well informed before they sign on with a broker. Ask your appointed ‘man on the ground’ to make appointments on your behalf, touring a range of suitable yachts, speaking with a number of shipyards/designers/engineers, taking tenders for a sea trial, even having specific samples or products brought to the show for you. It’s a great way to make the most of your time, otherwise it can be a bit daunting.” – Captain Guy Booth, M/Y Aurelia

“The show is getting bigger and bigger and thus inherently busier. It is very easy to get side tracked and distracted so my advice is to have a clear idea about who and what you want to see. Make appointments and my top tip is to have any meetings ‘off stand’ so that you can ensure undivided attention and a  distraction-free meeting.” – Captain Paul Kelly, S/Y Borkumriff IV

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