“I find the Mediterranean a bit sterile and over-crowded,” begins Mr X, stating that his preference for chartering in remote, far-flung destinations. “I suppose I am a bit of an exception in that respect – I crave isolation so I will always charter in places where we won’t see another boat for two whole weeks. I much prefer anchoring in a secluded bay than sitting in a bustling port.”

This desire to be remote comes at a price – a difficult environment for yachts that often means a lack of infrastructure and supply. Not that this matters to this charterer; in fact, he calls it a challenge, in the good sense of the word. What he does despair at, however, is the lack of available boats and knowledge to satisfy his criteria and wanderlust.

“The classic charter brokers don’t really know the market in these regions at all and you have to poke around to find the right people to give you the best advice and direction,” he explains. “Sometimes you feel like you are shelling out a lot of money on something that has quite a big element of risk – the choice of boats is low, the brokers often have little knowledge of the area, and there is no reference point, so there are a few unknowns.”

As a result, Mr X has found that choosing the right broker is an absolute necessity. Another key factor to the success of such holidays is the local knowledge of the captain. “Wherever you are, the captain needs to have the knowledge to direct you to the local treasures,” he advises. “Whether they have been there before, or just done their research by speaking to others who have, the absolute pinnacle of being on a boat is having a captain and crew who can get you to the best places.”

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