In the wake of the worst cyclone ever recorded in the South Pacific which hit Fiji last week, YachtAid Global (YAG) is seeking assistance from yacht owners in the region. The organisation – which works to deliver relief and aid to coastal communities – spoke to TSO to outline some of the ways owners and crew can get involved. 

Mark Drewelow, the founder of YAG highlights the importance of donations. ‘In the first week or two post a disaster money has to start flowing because everything else takes time.” A payment gateway has been set up on the website and 100% of everything sent to us goes back out to Fiji.  

Drewelow is currently in the process of organising disaster relief training for yachts in Auckland, Brisbane and Tahiti, commenting ‘there are boats in those areas and we need to make sure that they are properly prepared.’ Yachts can help by carrying cargo to Fiji or by hosting DART (disaster assistance response team) aboard for a few days.

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