Following a busy and rewarding first year of charter, owner of the eponymously named Mister Z is someone who has entered the industry with both hands on the wheel and not only wants to grow his own ownership, but help others do the same.

With the full explanation featured in the forthcoming issue of The Superyacht Owner, Mr Z is basically taking the fractional ownership concept that has been thrown around in the past and applying tangible business methods to the process. As a start up case, I would use my own yacht and offer three shares at 33 per cent available for potential fractional owners,” he explains. “Once we successfully sell those shares, I will immediately sign up for the build of my next Benetti. Potential goals would be to then stage the yachts in different places – Yacht 1 – Croatia and Montenegro; Yacht 2 – France and Italy; Yacht 3 – Mallorca and Ibiza. Or who knows, perhaps even further across the globe.”

As the plans evolve, the owner still has hopes to build a second yacht, ideally with Benetti once again. Pleased with his current yacht just shy of the 30m mark, second yacht plans will maintain similar guidelines and come in under 40m. "I enjoy navigating and being as hands on as possible and once you go past the 40m mark, it makes things increasingly difficult." A lover of the Croatian islands and coast for years, the owner shares this is another reason to keep the sizing on the smaller, simpler end. "It's important for me to keep it under a controllable size as we also love the small harbours and bays in and around Croatia. Once the yacht reaches a certain size, you're no longer privy to those little spaces and need to anchor further away, take the tender into shore, etc. I'd rather be a part of it all then looking at it" he comments.

The beautiful views along the Adriatic coast remain relatively
quiet and unspoilt

Mr Z is keen to dispel the rumours that the more reputable brands with history and pedigree may seem out of budget for clients looking to buy. When his broker, Steen Christensen of Camper & Nicholsons International initially suggested Benetti he was worried they were not in his price range. "Looking to the larger shipyards' smaller range was the change for me" he explains. "There was a Delfino number 4 in the final stage and we fell in love".

A wise and seasoned businessman, Mr Z has proven it's possible to dream big while remaining small. Offering entry level options to owners through fractional ownership and looking at the smaller end semi-custom yachts from reputable yards has enabled him to personally jump on the ownership ladder and explore possibilities for others. "Yachting brings family and friends together unlike any other holiday" he says with a smile. "That is where I get the greatest sense of enjoyment out of ownership and encourage those considering it to explore similar holidays".

For the full interview and industry experts weighing in on the viability of fractional ownership, please see issue 17 of The Superyacht Owner.

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