“Get up, suck every ounce out of every second of every day and you will grow.” After three packed-out days of workshops, debates and networking the words of ‘superhero’ Justin Packshaw proved to be a fitting finale to the 21st Global Superyacht Forum.


Using his recent Everest ascent as an analogy, Packshaw used the keynote to outline what he considers to be the essential components of a successful business – citing teamwork, planning, motivation, communication and personal growth as his top five. “It doesn’t matter what your personal Everest is, always keep raising the bar, you are capable of way more than you think.”

Recognising that the phrase ‘it’s not possible’ does not exist in the superyachting industry, Packshaw urged delegates to dream big in business, explaining “you’ll remember the brave things you did, not the obvious things.” Packshaw described how his adventures make him ‘feel alive,’ also sharing his total fascination with the psychology, physiology and technology that support him on his adventures.

The environment was also a key concern for the philanthropist, who reminded delegates that looking after our planet is imperative, especially as the superyachting industry in particular touches people who have enormous reach. “You are lucky, you see nature in your day jobs. You can see how fragile we are.”

So what is next for the man who already appears to have done it all? Packshaw didn’t disappoint with his response to this final question.

“I’d like to open a nice bottle of red on the moon with my friend Richard Branson.”

Watch this space.

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