MONACO. For Pastrovich Studio’s most recent design the buzzword is ‘easy’. The new 55m X-EASY concept has been created with “strong usability, peace of mind, ultimate comfort and privacy” in pride of place — terms that resonate strongly with founder of the studio Stefano Pastrovich.

The X-EASY endeavours to be the nautical chameleon, equally equipped for any number of oceanic pursuits. “Strong usability” pertains to adaptability and practicality. Not all trips require the same outfitting. Business or guest-laden voyages bare the weight of formality, in such instances the X-EASY is capable of providing formal dining, intimate spaces, and privacy should it be required. However, for the occasions in which you cruise with friends and family, a modular system of loose furniture allows you to completely rework how the onboard spaces are utilised. 

“We have a grid system on the floor made up of squares,” explains Matthew Jeffries, senior designer on the X-EASY project, “In each corner you have a deck fixing — a small circular hole in the deck hidden by a cover. Within the hole there is a thread that fixes the furniture in place. By using this modular system you are able to position furniture wherever is most suitable. Not only does this make the layout very adaptable, but it also maximises the use of space.”


By limiting the amount furniture required to satisfy functionality, the X-EASY project also showcases another of its key aims, ease of cruise. The uncomplicated — but nonetheless elegant — design of the hull form and exterior & interior spaces makes X, EASY to clean and manage. In direct response to the high crew turnover associated with large vessels, an emphasis has been placed on limiting the amount of crew necessary to efficiently clean, manage and sail the yacht. In this manner Pastrovich hopes to encourage the familial bond and assured employment that accompanies smaller crews on smaller yachts. X-EASY will require nine crew.

X-EASY comes replete with toys of all shapes and sizes. Jet skis, inflatables, tenders, paddleboards, a jellyfish pool and a dedicated wellness area ensure there is plenty of variety and inclusivity. This sense of activity and inclusivity pervades the entire concept, the exterior flows into the interior and where practical, vertical surfaces are filled with large windows to flood the interior with natural light. X-EASY is finished with soft natural tones throughout.

X-EASY - Tenders and Toys

Using high quality commercial building techniques Pastrovich Studio hopes to effectively manage the build cost. To keep costs down the X-EASY hull will not be fully faired and “the hull itself is built from thinner steel than you would see on a more expensive yacht,” comments Jeffries. “Using thinner steel you get shrink lines behind the steel skin of the yacht. However, we work these abnormalities into the yachts grid design, hiding the lines within windows and so on. Rather than spending millions on fairing, which would normally be unavoidable, you save the money that would have been spent on the process itself and continue to save money as a result of the decreased weight.”

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