Mr M A Zaman delivers a keynote
address at last week's SuperyachtDESIGN Week

In this relatively small industry of superyachts and their owners, players are always keen to hear from what their next client is looking for. Last week's SuperyachtDESIGN Week welcomed a number of owner guests to catch up, mix, mingle and discuss their next projects. But it was Mr M A Zaman who literally stole the stage when he delivered the opening keynote address on day two. The incredibly charismatic Zaman epitomises what everyone is searching for in this industry - an owner who is willing to invest their own time and money into not just their own project, but into innovating for the wider market. Zaman shared that when it was time to build his own yacht, he wanted his investments to benefit other owners. "We do not have to continually reinvent the wheel," he proclaimed. "We should share information and technology with each other in the industry." Zaman as a result started Royal Falcon Fleet, an exclusive alliance of world-class partners including Porsche Design, Kockums, Greenline, MTU and Imtech to build luxury catamarans that he hopes will redefine the superyacht industry. The first Royal Falcon Fleet model, the RFF 135, will be launched later this year and Zaman plans to continue to grow the concept once the first (and his personal) yacht is completed.

As an owner and investor, Zaman has strong feelings on how we can change our industry for the better. "If we want to change something, we need to look at bigger investments," he said to the audience. "We need to drive innovation, where the differentiation between yachts shouldn't be size alone." It is this very special type of owner that periodically enters the industry and instead of simply taking what they want and walking away, sees room from improvement and brings in their own personal background and expertise in order to do so. A long time businessman in Europe and Asia, Zaman has seen first hand both the fall in certain economies, and the emergence of new, stronger ones entering the fore, giving him a unique perspective on particularly the Asian market. "Our perception of China is wrong," he said. "Chinese billionaires are looking at a global picture, just like other billionaires."

It is this varied experience and global knowledge that new investors in the industry can make the biggest waves and improvements in the way we conduct business.

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