Mr. Li Jian, CEO of Seven Star Bay marina in Shenzhen China has been racing in South-East Asia for the last 17 years. He joined the Perini Navi Cup for the first time in 2013, as a guest on board of M/Y Helios, and enjoyed it so much that he chartered the Maltese Falcon for the 2015 edition. He reflects on his experiences in conversation with The Superyacht Owner.

Your first experience of the Perini Navi Cup was in 2013. What was your incentive to go?

I am a big fan of Perini Navi. I wanted to know more about their super sailing boats and was lucky enough to get invited on board the 45m S/Y Helios as a guest.

This year you chartered the Maltese Falcon, the pride of the Perini pack – what drew you to the boat?

To be honest, it's been one of my dreams for a long time. I have heard stories about her since she was born, and thanks to the Perini Navi Cup in 2013 we got the chance to witness her sailing. It was the first time I saw her for real. I was sure that I wanted to charter her at that time, and was told by Perini Navi China that she would be available in September.

Tell us about the experience of racing her.

I have to say, it was untouchable. She made us her super fans with her outstanding white sails and incredible craftsmanship.

Having now completed a few races, what advice would you give to first-timers to the Perini Navi cup?

The Perini Navi Cup is one of the most glamorous regattas in the world, and I love the warm family atmosphere. The boat owners and their family members  all join in together, enjoying quality time. We don't really have this  in China, and I would highly recommend this concept to the first-timers.

What do you think makes the race so popular?

The amazing quality of Perini Navi yachts is the key. Owning a Perini Navi is an honour.

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