Atrium 120 S

SPAIN, Alicante. An interesting collaborative project between EM Yacht Design Consultancy and budding designers has delivered its first fruits. spoke to Carl Esch of EM about his work with Vincent Montreuil, an aspiring designer, and the 30-45m Atrium superyacht range it has created. “Under the EM banner, we will be promoting the skill and innovation of various young designers by transmitting and applying our practical market experience to their fresh new ideas, visions and approach,” explains Esch.

Details of the Atrium project are few and far between, with Esch claiming that the dearth of available information is due to the interest in Atrium shown by “various renowned shipyards.” What we do know is that the principle design feature is a motorised top deck that can be enclosed or open to the elements.

Atrium’s top deck is a completely glass-covered, air conditioned space that aims to provide the “open air” feeling and proximity to the ocean that almost all contemporary superyacht concepts strive for. What separates Atrium from the superyacht norm is that, “by only touching a button, large balconies on both sides fold out, side doors slide open and a large sunroof completely opens up.” The artificial sensation of openness being replaced by genuine openness.

To the aft of the vessel, a large hydraulically operated bathing platform creates a spacious entertainment area at sea level. The bathing platform grants access to a garage that can be used to house tenders and toys, or be used as a beach area.

Atrium 145 XL

Esch believes that yacht design in the modern era has become too centred around predetermined interior specification. Decks and additional features, in Esch’s eyes, are continuously stacked in order to deliver yet more space. Esch prefers a creative process whereby aesthetics are king and interior management plays second fiddle to love at first sight.

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