Wider president and CEO, Tilli Antonelli announced at the Miami Yacht Show that his shipyard is building a 50m superyacht. The Wider 165’, which will be the Italian builder’s largest superyacht project to date, was ordered by the yard’s new co-owner. Originally, he planned to build a Wider 150’, but given the unique tender design on board, it necessitated a larger project.

“The owner wanted to store a submersible onboard. We didn’t want to compromise on space, so we decided to build him a bigger boat. That’s why the 165’ came up,” said Antonelli. “Our goal is to give our clients anything they want or need to create a yacht that is a true expression of their own unique personality, even if it means expanding the capacity of our design, engineering and construction divisions. As we say here at Wider, ‘Never Enough!’”

Using the Wider 150’ as a starting point, yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, along with Antonelli and the Wider design team, created a 50m aluminum superyacht adding significant interior volume and exterior living space. Along with the submersible bay, the new 165’ accommodates a touch-and-go helipad and a “Wider Beach” – one of the most spacious transom swim-and-sunbathing decks in its class – along with an indoor swimming pool. The “Beach” also converts to a garage that accommodates the customisable new Wider 32’, while a floating launching system facilitates entry/exit manoeuvres for the crew launching the tender.

A special feature of the Wider 165’ project is its diesel/electric propulsion system, which reduces fuel consumption and gives unprecedented range. The system makes it possible to replace the traditional engine room with a Power Generator Room and a technical room with LiPo battery pack located into the bow; the resulting space therefore can be used to create larger, more comfortable guest cabins. Emerson Industrial Automation will supply the electric propulsion system for the Wider 165’.

The overall propulsion system is completely modular: the yacht can cruise using only the battery packs, in ZEM mode (Zero Emission Mode). With up to four diesel generators online, it will be able to operate at a higher range of speeds while maintaining limited specific consumptions.

All the on board energy sources are controlled by the Wider Management System, an independent and incorporated system that controls the power supplied by the shore connection, gensets and battery packs, distributing it between the Hotel systems, propulsion system and recharging the battery packs, as needed.

In addition, the Wider 165’ is equipped with an AziPod propulsion system that affords significant advantages compared to a conventional shaftline system: vibrations are reduced (even when reversing), handling is ultra-smooth, and no rudders are needed for manoeuvring, therefore draft is minimal. The yacht’s aluminum displacement hull offers unquestionable added value in terms of higher speeds and a greater range.

The yacht’s design focuses on minimising fuel consumption and emissions while maximising onboard living space. The material chosen for the entire construction of the Wider 165’ is aluminium which is lightweight making it possible to increase the performance/consumption ratio of the yacht and achieve a considerable reduction in emissions. Aluminium is also completely recyclable, helping to reduce the vessel’s footprint on the environment. Aluminum provides greater freedom during construction as it increases the opportunity for customisation, yet considerably shortens production times.

Details of the yacht’s interior design and general arrangement are still preliminary.

“Our new flagship will represent the finest marriage of aesthetics, innovation and cutting-edge technology that the yachting world has seen so far,” Antonelli said.

The Wider 165’ is expected to launch in 2016.

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