The week dating 26 June – 2 July 2012 saw a drop in sales activity but a surge in price reductions as the brokerage market found itself at the end of the second quarter of 2012. The week saw the announcement of just two sales, eight new central agencies and double the number of price reductions, at 16.

Superyacht Sales

This week saw just two superyacht sales with a cumulative length of 65.5m.

The largest of the week was Fraser Yachts’ sale of Westport’s 34m motoryacht Sea Bird. The 2000 motoryacht, refit in 2008, was a joint listing with Westport Yacht Sales, and was asking $3.95 million when Stotler Yacht & Ship brought the buyer.

At 34m, Sea Bird was the largest superyacht sold this week

At just over 30m, the second sale was of Benetti Sale Division’s 31.5m 2009 Yosh II. A joint listing between Dahm International and Sunbird International Yacht Sales, the motoryacht was asking €5.95 million at the time of sale.

The 31.5m Yosh II was the smaller of the two superyachts sold this week

New Central Agencies

Eight new central agencies were announced this week – six motoryachts and two sailing yachts, all listed through different brokerage houses. However, new central agencies this week still steered towards the smaller end of the spectrum, with the average size of this week’s additions at just 34m.

The largest new central agency this week was CRN’s 43m Sofico. Premium Yachts is listing the 2009 motoryacht at €14.5 million. Not far behind in size was Kingship Marine’s 42m motoryacht Star. Completed this year, the 2012 motoryacht is for sale through the shipyard at a price of $16.8 million.

Kingship Marine's 42m motoryacht Star is being sold through the shipyard

The third superyacht in this category larger than 40m was Silyon Yachts’ 41m sailing yacht Queen of Andaman. The 2007 sailing yacht is for sale through De Valk and is asking €4.875 million.

The 41m Queen of Andaman was one of two sailing yachts added to the sales fleet this week

International Yacht Collection this week announced it would handle the sale of Bilgin Yachts’ 35.6m 2007 motoryacht Star Sapphire, asking $6.445 million, whilst United Yacht has signed an open listing for the smallest yacht over 30m this week, Debris Yachts’ 30.5m 2008 motoryacht Little Sarah, now at a reduced price of $3.999 million.

Elsewhere, Fraser Yachts has been appointed central agent of Holland Jachtbouw’s 28m 1998 sailing yacht Whirlwind (refit in 2011), asking €2.9 million, Yachting Partners International has been appointed central agent of Sanlorenzo’s 26.8m 2007 motoryacht Marcelina of London, asking £3.5 million, and OceanStyle has announced it will handle the sale of Cantieri Navale Rizzardi’s 25.5m 1998 motoryacht Du Ciel (refit in 2007), asking €650,000.

Price Reductions

The price reductions arena saw the most brokerage activity this week, with 16 reductions announced on motoryachts. This week’s reductions amounted to a total of €14,602,657, with an average reduction price of €912,666.

This week saw the fragmentation of the usual weekly pattern: the largest superyacht to be reduced did not see the largest reduction. International Yacht collection reduced the largest superyacht in this arena this week. A €2 million reduction was announced on Trinity Yachts’ 57.9m 2010 Mi Sueno, whilst the brokerage house announced a further €1 million drop on the second-largest superyacht in this category, Mondomarine’s 49.3m 2009 Streamline now down to €15.9 million.

The 57.9m Mi Sueno was the largest superyacht to be reduced this week, though didn't see the largest reduction

However, two significantly smaller superyachts saw two significantly larger reductions. Fraser Yachts announced an enormous $5.5 million reduction on Delta’s 47.5m 2009 Slojo, now asking $27.5 million – the largest reduction of the week (the brokerage house also announced a smaller €400,000 reduction on Benetti’s 25.8m 2009 Malandrino, now asking €3.35 million).

Slojo saw the largest reduction this week, her price dropping by $5.5 million

Camper & Nicholsons boasted the second-largest reduction of the week when it announced a currency change on Oceanfast’s 45.5m 2008 Perfect Persuasion (refit in 2011). Now listed in dollars, she is asking $8 million, resulting in a reduction of approximately $2.14 million. The brokerage house also announced a small €175,000 reduction on Baglietto’s 38m 1990 Rominta (refit in 1998), now asking €1.6 million.

Reel Deel Yachts announced a $1 million reduction on Sterling’s 44.8m 1986 Aero Toy Store (refit in 2006), now asking $6.999 million, whilst Atalanta Golden Yachts reduced its central listing, Intermarine’s 42m 1997 O’Pari (refit in 2010) by €1 million to €3.95 million.

Denison & Daves also announced a $1 million reduction on Hakvoort’s 38m 2007 Perle Bleue (refit in 2007), now asking $13.9 million, whilst Thierry Voisin reduced the part-build Fulton 110’ by €150,000 to €1.65 million.

Perle Bleue was one of seven superyachts this this week saw a reduction of $1 million or higher

United Yacht, as part of its new signed open listing of Debris Yachts’ Little Sarah asking $3.999 million, reduced the 30.5m motoryacht by $847,000, whilst the 0.5m smaller Ladies First, a 30m 2002 Custom Line, was reduced by Ventura Europe by €250,000 to €2.5 million.

Of the week’s 16 reductions, four were on motoryachts smaller than 30m (including Fraser Yachts’ already-mentioned reduction of Benetti’s 25.8m Malandrino). SuperYachtsMonaco reduced the largest yacht in this category, Azimut’s 29.8m Leonardo II. The 2004 motoryacht had its price reduced by €600,000 and is now asking €1.9 million.

Elsewhere, Ocean Independence announced a €600,000 reduction on Riva’s 26m 2004 Volero, now asking €1.85 million, and Burger Yacht Sales announced a $500,000 reduction on Burger’s 25m 1996 Motivation, now asking £3.45 million.

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