The average number of superyachts under management, among the industry’s top management companies, is 24 – one of numerous facts about this ordinarily opaque sector gleaned from a recent research project undertaken by The Superyacht Intelligence Agency.

With a fleet of 77 yachts under management, 3.2 times the industry average, Y.CO leads the way, with its largest vessel measuring 124m, 25m more than the mean average of 99m. Y.CO is among seven companies managing yachts over 100m, the others being Wilson Yacht Management, Inserve, Hill Robinson, Wright Maritime Group, Camper & Nicholsons International and Master Yachts, whose 147m client is the largest vessel identified in our survey.

When it comes to employees, Burgess is the highest ranked company, with a staggering 168 permanent personnel. This is over four times the industry average, although as one of the industry’s largest full-service companies, this also includes its other divisions. Even so, with 45 dedicated yacht managers, Burgess still outstrips the industry average of 10 by over 400 per cent.

Y.CO is a close second, with 41 yacht managers. This equates to 1.9 yachts per manager, which is an impressively low figure – underlining the company’s commitment to a bespoke service for its clients. Only MCM, Jansen, West Nautical and Master Yachts have lower yacht/manager ratios.

This data provides an insightful overview of the distribution of the fleet-under-management market. It also represents a prelude to The Superyacht Management Report, appearing in issue 179 of The Superyacht Report. This report analyses client sentiment towards the management sector, via a comprehensive project undertaken by The Superyacht Intelligence Agency.

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