“Designing, engineering and building a yacht is far more than drawing, welding, bolting and screwing things together,” says James Roy, MD of Lateral Naval Architects. “It is equally a process of being able to get inside the head of the client and really understand their idea of their perfect yacht.”

Roy’s neat summation of what makes the perfect yacht – that it comes down to what the client wants – is amply demonstrated by the glorious diversity that we find in our superyacht fleet. Yet there have been projects that have, by several measures, made a far wider impact on the superyacht sphere, whether through elegant design, innovative approaches that have redefined what a superyacht can be, or great technological leaps.

In the special, limited edition Superyacht25 coffee table book – created by The Superyacht Group in partnership with MB92, both of whom celebrated their 25th anniversaries in 2017 – we have delved deep into the archives and drawn out a handful of the projects that really have helped shaped the industry over the past quarter century.

From the mighty Zeus to the monolithic sail-assisted yacht A, these are some of the key yachts that transformed what we thought a superyacht could be. You will find icons such as Alfa Nero, the 118 WallyPower and Rising Sun, and unsung heroes such as Tigre d’Or, Nariida and Wedge Too. There are the yachts like Hyperion, Ethereal and Limitless that have challenged what was technically possible and opened the door to the next generation of yachts, and of course there are the vessels that have become universally recognised and acclaimed – Maltese Falcon, motoryacht A, Octopus.

From 1992 classics to the latest deliveries that are showing the way to the future, Superyacht25 features 61 yachts – an essential selection that forms a snapshot of this extraordinary industry. Alongside these iconic yachts are some of the people and the innovations that have propelled our industry forward, combined with stunning images – many of which have never been seen in print before.

The 333-page Superyacht25 book is a unique, collectible treasure trove that simply invites you to dip in at random and discover something new or something inspiring on every page. Click here to visit the Superyacht25 website to order your copy now.


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