The Perini Navi Group has successfully stepped the 75.8m mast of its recently launched 60m sloop, Perseus3. The carbon fibre mast and 23.4m boom have been constructed by Future Fibres.

The mast weighs just 16.4t and its manufacturer attributes this to the precision of the finishing. “We have managed to produce a tube with a perfect exterior surface and a flawless Clearcote gloss carbon finish with zero filler, which can add up to three per cent to the weight of a mast.’

The boom is manufactured from pre-preg carbon, which boosts rigidity in comparison to wet-laminate construction, while the rigging comprises carbon fibre for the lateral stays and combination of carbon, PBO and Kevlar for the fore and aft stays. 

The sail wardrobe that the mast will support has been described by the sails’ manufacturer, Robbie Doyle as “one of the most unique and challenging ever created.” Because the dimensions of the asymmetricals and Code 0 are such that existing fabrics were not tensile enough. Instead Doyle had to undertake extensive R&D to create a fabric that would withstand the rigours of operation.

The complete sail set exceeds 10,000sqm among which the A2, with its 2,602sqm, is the largest sail ever built. 

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