Following the delivery of 41.78m Sofia to her new owner in August, Moonen will exhibit its largest ever new build at the forthcoming Monaco Yacht Show, where the innovative tri-deck superyacht will make her world premiere.

The vessel, which was the first fully custom project for a repeat client, features a three-seater submarine on board, which is an innovative feature for a vessel of her size. The C-Quester 3, courtesy of U-Boat Worx, was only decided upon 10 months into the build, requiring several adjustments to the hull, including an additional 1.5m incorporated to accommodate both its size and the 50 per cent increase in weight from the original two seater that had been tabled.

“Although the design started with a two-seat craft, during the construction we switched to a three-seater. This decision influenced the complete design and made the challenge even greater, but Moonen responded with typical flair”, Sofia’s new owner explained. “My yacht was extended and a new crane designed and installed to allow the launch and retrieval of the submarine. Although the alterations were made when the yacht was already at the first stages of construction, the yard handled the complex modifications with minimal delay. Once again, Moonen proved its flexibility, innovative approach and uncompromising commitment to meet and fulfil client wishes.”

The owner was equally keen to bring a unique element to the interior, which was overseen by Art-Line Interiors. The centrepiece of this is a large oval staircase in the centre of the vessel piercing a large skylight.

Art-Line also chose the woods and the fabrics in close conjunction with the owner. A unified colour scheme continues throughout, combining traditional oak and Zabrano veneers with off-white and camel-coloured materials such as coconut paper.

“Spatial planning is a very important starting point for every design, and certainly, on Sofia, where the owner required as great a possible connection between the different decks,” explained Art-Line’s Frank Pieterse. “We set out to enhance the way the space is experienced, how the perspectives work and how people move from one area to another. The desire for open spaces meant coming up with various innovative solutions, and our knowledge of the technical possibilities and limitations increased our room for manoeuvre. At Art-Line we are also very aware of how flexible Moonen is as a yard and we were able to lean on each other's knowledge to create a very special interior.”

will be docked in front of Moonen’s stand (QH6) at berth number N19.

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