The seven-month refit of 87.6m Arctic P began in October and was carried out at Navantia Shipyard in Cartagena, Spain. This explorer vessel was originally rebuilt and converted from a tug in 1993 by Manoel Island Dockyard. She was last refitted in 2008 at Knight and Carver Yacht Center in America.

Work included a complete refit of the bridge, engine control room and galley. New propellers were also installed, which will enhance fuel efficiency on the yacht's extensive itinerary. A unique Jacuzzi and pool configuration was also added, which is hidden under the aft deck.

Matt Liddel, the MML technical manager commented, “the work is completed with minimum impact on the yacht’s cruising schedule whilst striving to achieve the best value for money.”

Other new features include removable railings and a teak dining table, which rises from the flush deck. MML states that the entire deck conversion can be completed in under five minutes.

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