Following her April launch, 42.6m Lady Genyr has been delivered to her new owner by builder CRN (part of the Ferretti Group).

After her launch, Lady Genyr had remained in the yard for the completion of her interiors, that all finished on schedule. She will know travel around the Mediterranean, where her new owner will enjoy summer cruising.

Lady Genyr
is the eighth superyacht in CRN's Navetta 43 line. She comes after her sisters CRN Navetta 43 #01 Emerald Star (delivered in 2007), followed by #02 Hana and #03 Rubeccan (2008), #4 Sofico (2009), #5 Eviva and #06 Kate (2010) and #07 Lady Trudy (2011), which all featured fully customised interiors.

The Navetta 43 line represents a milestone in the 50th anniversary of the shipyard, because it was the second composite line, after the 128 line (six 40 metre yachts built between 2004 and 2011): before that, CRN production was only focused on steel and aluminium yachts.

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