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The Superyacht Group


04 Apr 2019

SEAmagine Submarine Dive

Beautiful underwater footage filmed in using a small personal submarine from SEAmagine (www.seamagine.com) . The diving took place at Cocos Island in Costa Rica in conjunction with Misión Tiburón (http://misiontiburon.org) an organization that promotes th…

10 Sep 2018

Searching and Identifying the Causes of Coating Damage

Observing coating damage is reactively easy, identifying its cause is much more difficult. To overcome this WreTec, a subsidiary of Wrede Consulting, are now using a high resolution mobile microscope to detect faults not visible to the naked eye.…

14 Jun 2018

Destruction test of fuel tank

TURTLE-PAC collapsible aircraft fuel tank exploded for test. BIG BANG !!!…

25 Sep 2017

Anti splash funnel

New funnel to easy fill collapsible tanks. Not spill fuel.…

25 Sep 2017

Air drop no parachute fuel tank

205 Litre collapsible drum tank dropped from plane in Alaska. No parachute…

25 Sep 2017


Collapsible drum 205 litres dropped from aircraft with parachute and NO parachute. WORLD'S FIRST !…

25 Sep 2017

Day 1: Superyacht hijacked in cyber attack

To demonstrate the value of cyber security, Halcyon has produced a four-day, fictitious video news story.…

21 Sep 2017

ISM: It's Simple Mate!

The only Vessel Management Software to provide a full solution for all your safety and compliance needs.…

23 Aug 2017