After four years of research and development Zytexx has launched a new product that removes its Zytexx Clearcoat without time consuming or costly adverse affects. A process that previously required sanding has now been reduced to the application of Zytexx removal gel PG7100.
Zytexx Clearcoat is a ceramic yacht coating developed to minimise damage from diesel soot staining and etching whilst simultaneously easing the burden of cleaning. Aesthetic appeal is at the top of most superyacht owner’s lists; as such the high gloss finish of traditional polymer coatings tempts many. Whilst polymers do boast a silky finish – to both eye and touch – they fall short when it comes to durability. Diesel soot and other exhaust fumes make light work of attacking polymers, leaving blackened hulls and rather morose crews in their wake.
Zytexx Clearcoat – now applied to more than 100 superyachts - provides a legitimate alternative to the polymer-centric status quo. Retaining the aesthetic qualities of a high gloss finish, Zytexx Clearcoat’s defining feature is its durability, carrying a two-year warranty. Unlike traditional coatings, Zytexx Clearcoat is resistant to the onslaught of exhaust fumes making it possible to clean soot off a hull using water rather than the likes of acid.
“In the year since its full application we've been extremely pleased with the high gloss levels. From a maintenance standpoint, the wash-down process is very time efficient, needing minimal effort to keep the yacht in 'as newer condition’. The [two year warranty] has proved itself and we'll only need to touch up the wear areas on the yacht's hull when required”, commented Jeff Dunn, Captain of M/Y Vibrant Curiosity.

Such was Zytexx Clearcoat’s resilience to chemical attack it required sanding - a time consuming technique - to strip the hull back to its original state. Now the Clearcoat can be removed by applying the newly developed PG7100 removal gel – leaving the original paintwork untouched and ready for repaint or reapplication. In stark contrast to the sanding techniques previously employed, PG7100 makes removal straightforward and cost effective. Apply the gel, wait thirty minutes and rinse. The simple application and removal process allows repairs to be easily carried out and large areas to be removed at any one time.
Zytexx has also launched PG-4300 glass treatment. PG-4300 is water repellent, resistant to abrasion, salt, wiper blades and is UV-transparent. Designed with the same principle of durability in mind, its hydrophobicity repels water and limits the damaging effects of lingering droplets.

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