Zingology has recently launched a range of fruit and vegetable juice powders. They claim to be the only powders in the UK and Europe to use a new technology from the US that extracts water molecules from raw food using a light process. Instead of subjecting raw materials to harsh treatments such as freezing and distillation via intense heat, their technology dries gently using only wavelengths of natural light, leaving the enzymes, vitamins, colour and taste intact.

Zingology advises that you can stir the powders into yoghurt and porridge, cook or flavour soups and stews, bake cakes and mix them with water to make juices, smoothies and cocktails.

Thinking that these new products could be a good way of transporting fruit and vegetables on yachts for juices and smoothies, The Crew Report thought we would test out the powders to see how useful they could be for the superyacht industry.

Zingology sent us four flavours to try; beetroot, carrot, raspberry and strawberry, which we added to water to make healthy juices. Perhaps with the exception of the beetroot flavour, which is perhaps more of an acquired taste, all powders tasted great and are fitting with the latest juice craze to cram in as many nutrients as possible.

As their manufacturing process promises to deliver fruit and vegetables more naturally than other food powders, we think the Zingology powders promise to be a good option for superyachts to store on long trips to provide guests and crew with healthy juices and smoothies with almost the same benefits as fresh ones. Especially as the industry is now seeing more and more yachts  venturing further afield and for longer periods of time, fresh fruit and vegetables might not be so readily available and so dried powders provide a viable alternative.

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