What is the product?

The Yachtneeds app caters for all your yacht and crew needs. It locates your position on a map and then you can select whether you are in port or at anchor, and then you get given access to a whole host of information perfect for all yacht departments.

If you select a port, you get:

  1. Useful numbers. All the important local service telephone numbers are here for your convenience.
  2. Port information. You have a very clear table displaying the most important port information, such as VHF, phone number, email, fuel, berth information and a link to the port website for more information.
  3. Local Services (guests). In this section you have a selection of services: entertainment, health and beauty, specialty shops, travel, all of which might interest your guests. This is great for getting to know the next port and being able to respond to any questions your guests might have about the local area.
  4. Local Services (crew). You’ve got an extensive list of services and suppliers divided into departments: bridge, chef, deck, engineering and interior. This section is valuable, especially for those times when you come into a port that you’re not familiar with and quickly need to source something for your department.
  5. Global services. This section is set up the same as the 'local services' section, but with businesses that supply on a global scale.
  6. Crew entertainment. The app was designed by crew so they haven’t forgotten about our personal needs too!

If you select that you are at anchor you get all the above information, plus the local jet ski rules.

The Med has been GEO plotted and populated with information and they are adding more worldwide ports to the app at an incredible rate so I don’t think it will be long until they have the entire globe covered. Apparently the Caribbean and Americas will be available in a couple of weeks.

The app is designed by ex-crew so they’ve not only provided information to support you in your job, but also considered providing information for your private life, so you have local crew entertainment section and links to the PYA (Professional Yachting Association) as well.

How did you hear about it?
At the Genoa boat show

Why did you decide to use it?
My yacht was being heavily chartered so it seemed like a good app to have handy.

Is it easy to use?
It's super easy to use, and very intuitive.

Is it good/bad value for money?
It’s free!

Would you recommend it to friends?
Definitely. I’ve already got my crew using the app.

What are the best/worst bits about it?
Personally, I love the card scan, as it keeps all my yacht contacts in one place on the Yachtneeds app.

The deck department might argue that the most valuable feature of the app is the jet ski rules. Each anchorage point (the blue pins) on the map gives you access to the local up-to-date jet ski rules for that anchorage.

Any changes you would recommend?
I was playing about with the app at the Genoa yacht show where I met the Yachtneeds team. They are so friendly and keen to see how people are using the app and understand how they can improve it. Ex-crew themselves, they understand our needs and want the app to be the best it can be for us.

They're not just adding more ports but have a lot of updates planned for release in the coming months, such as allowing crew to review and rate services which I think is great – we all rely on recommendations in this industry.

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