UK, London. During The London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show (LYJPCS) Videoworks made its presence known as the technological partner of Italian interior design brand FM–Architettura d’Interni by showcasing, in a world preview, the latest in its media and domotics technology. Videoworks has integrated media and domotics software into the Samsung Gear smart watch, making the watch capable of controlling the internal environment of a superyacht.

Demonstrated at LYJPCS, the smart watch can control the curtains, lights, atmosphere, music and movies onboard. The integrated Videoworks software is customisable, allowing respective owners to make as much or as little of the technology as they wish. The system can be linked to manage internal communication, CCTV systems, air conditioning and a number of other functions.

After the successful implementation of “Active Noise Cancellation” technology onboard 43m Silver Wind and 60m Light Holic, Videoworks dedicated time and expense to further research the possibilities of sound management. The result of this extensive research and development programme is the addition of a sound masking solution to the Videoworks repertoire, as was showcased at the FM–Architettura d’Interni showroom during LYJPCS.

Sound masking is the addition of inaudible white noise to an interior space, limiting the negative effects of extraneous sound and increasing the levels of privacy and sound clarity. Much like the masking effects of one-way windows or perfume - and unlike active noise cancellation – sound masking covers sounds, hiding the distractions they create behind desirable sound. This technology can be used to improve the quality of a cinematic experience, to limit unwanted noise in a social situation or to ensure conversations cannot be overheard.

Maurizio Minossi, technical director of Viedoworks explained the steps taken to successfully mask sound. “Firstly, in a one-off calibration, we decide which frequencies have to be boosted and which do not, this is a process known as the active equalisation of space. Secondly, a microphone is used to acquire the background noise in real-time. Lastly, in relation to the real-time noise, the initial calibration is dynamically shifted so that the frequencies that require boosting or not boosting remain balanced.” Sound masking isolates human hearing, helping us to concentrate on one sound rather than another, allowing you to experience optimised sound quality. Sound masking has been added to the list of available apps included with the smart watch.

The partnership between Videoworks and FM-Architettura d’interni highlights the ever-strengthening relationship between technology and design, a relationship that continues to go from strength to strength as the boundaries between the two become blurred. With the release of the Apple Watch imminent and the inclusion of a luxury range, Videoworks has confirmed that it plans to expand the software to be available on all major platforms.

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