What is the product?

It’s an App, which is a great help for us crew working on yachts, as it allows us to read the course notes on the iPad before the course begins.

It has the advantage that as soon as course is booked, there is instant access to the notes and the reading can begin. The other great advantage is that it avoids the need to carry all the heavy notes around the world, providing a place to find all the information needed to pass the exams. 

How did I hear about the product?

It was mentioned to me at the Monaco Yacht Show by Shaun Towers, the senior lecturer and course leader for engineering at Warsash Superyacht Academy - one of the great lecturers of the college. 

How did I get hold of the product? 

The App can be downloaded easily for free from the App store and is available for anyone to use. For students doing yacht courses, once it is installed a password provided by the college gives access to the course notes, as well as all the other functions.

Ease of installation and application

It is very easy to get hold of the App and installation is fast. The App was put together very professionally.

Recommendations for the product's improvement

I think like any new product it has room for many improvements. Some I would suggest are:
  • Allow a type of forum within the app that allows students to ask questions that can be answered by either other students or lecturers
  • Allow to book the courses from the App directly
  • Allow the highlighting of words or bookmarks within the notes, like on iBooks, as it otherwise is hard to follow where you stopped reading
  • Add a space to write notes or questions 

Would I recommend it to my industry colleagues?

I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for the best education in the leading college of this industry. Warsash is a maritime college like no other. Warsash has always provided me with everything I needed to pass any exam. They supply all you with all the tools you need, from a great collection of notes, to fantastic facilities and the incredible support from many of the lectures there, making any money spend worth the expense.

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